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Planting Churches vs. Church Planting

Gene Moore’s Guiding Light Church has been holding services now at the Moore’s venue in Sharonville. It’s quite a space! Of course, they’ve been very active in exploring various ways of engaging the community.

What excites me most isn’t a worship location, however. Gene gets that reaching his community takes more than any one congregation. More than working as a church planter, Gene is working out how to be a multiplying disciple-maker that can see multiple gospel communities forming. People can attend churches anywhere, he says. His desire is to raise people up to work, and by work he means go out to be the church.

While Guiding Light does have a gathering of people to worship on Sunday, Gene is intent on the church being defined by the work of the gospel in community during the week. It's easy to have a mindset of invitation, enabling our people to become ambassadors of the church, inviting people to our activities. Yet our calling is to be ambassadors of Christ.

Disciple-making is equipping people to engage around them with the gospel and discipleship. Church growth should be a mere bi-product of our focus on disciple-making and church planting. Contact Jason at to find out more about Church Planting in CABA.

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