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Ken Dillard Retiring after 33 Years

Dr. Ken Dillard has been serving in collegiate ministry in Cincinnati since 1992, over 31 years ago. He has announced his retirement to take effect at the end of May 2023. Ken is taking on the pastorate at First Baptist Mt. Healthy, where he has been part-time for two years. Ken has had a close relationship working with the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association (CABA). To help you know the background, Ken’s college ministry, largely on the University of Cincinnati campus, underwent changes in 2016 when NAMB withdrew funding nationwide from Baptist campus ministries (BCM or BSU). Ken launched the Collegiate Ministry Group in 2017 to be able to continue leading college ministry in Cincinnati. CABA agreed to continue providing “The House,” a 100 year-old building on Clifton Ave. as a meeting place. Ken regularly provided updates through the CABA association’s newsletter, Focus. However, Ken’s support and operational costs have been the sole responsibility of CMG for seven years. CABA continues to have one seat on their Trustee board. Ken’s retirement was announced last Fall. It stated that he had been serving since January 1, 1992. The letter was mailed to all CABA churches. It pointed out that he had been “a mentor, teacher, maintenance man, evangelist, discipler, organizer, leader, servant, and friend to thousands of students, faculty, staff, and many others through relationships with churches in the area.” When Ken was recognized at CABA’s Semi-Annual meeting in late March, he was given a standing ovation. The Collegiate Ministry Group’s Trustees are presently interviewing candidates to keep the CMG going for another 31 years!


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