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Falling Forward

The last few months have been exciting. I missed the bottom step at my home and fell forward in a way that shattered my leg while on my way to meet with Mark Wilson and Brent Wilson, our consultants. They are doing a great job connecting churches that have a need or two with churches that can step in and help. I hated missing that meeting (and that step!), but they sure don't depend on me to help our churches. Missing an overseas mission trip due to surgery was rough on me. I was hyper-vigilant in those first few days because the team went ahead and I stayed alert in case the team needed anything. I was delighted to help on two early-morning requests made via Whatsapp. It made me lean even more into prayer. God works across vast distances! And, by staying home, I was able to better plan a meeting for 20 pastors and their leaders. I was blessed to introduce People Teams to them in mid-August. People Teams Training is seven videos and a leader guide that I developed and recorded during my sabbatical in June this year. It trains church members how to cross cultures and engage one of Cincinnati's 47 immigrant groups, 30 of which are unengaged. During the recovery, I have heard from many who suffered something similar to my experience, even showing me their x-rays of their plates and screws that make mine look small in comparison. However, as I've seen how they didn't allow it to discourage them, I have been reminded of the Bible wisdom: "Though a rightous person falls seven times, he will get up, but the wicked will stumble into ruin" (Proverbs 24:15-16 CSB). May CABA churches and our terrific pastors and leaders continue to advance forward, even if taking a fall or two in stride.

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