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Canvassing Training

Luke 10:1-12 provides a terrific outline for what to do and not do when sending out volunteers to go door-to-door. This may be prayerwalking, identifying displaced peoples, distributing flyers to an event (VBS!), or soul-winning.

One thing for sure is that this sends people out beyond their comfort zone and their circles of influence. This is basic missionary training at its best!

Luke 10:1 – Send them out two by two. It provides support, accountability, and safety.

Verse 2: Pray for more workers because the spiritual harvest is ready. Pray constantly!

Verse 3: Be a lamb. Avoid sunglasses and pull up your hat (and pants). Avoid low-cut tops and short shorts. Lambs knock exactly three times. Lambs never open a screen door as that can be misinterpreted as breaking and entering. Lambs always used paved surfaces.

Verse 4: Know where you’re going and why. If you’re in city blocks, pick a central point and four teams can form a daisy-chain or cloverleaf pattern to cover four blocks at a time.

Verse 5: Keep track of those you meet that are welcoming to you. Use a traffic light system: red is rejection, yellow is a maybe, and green is wide open to your interaction.

Verse 6: Keep moving. Satan may be trying to tie you up at one house to keep you from others.

Verse 7-8: Volunteers should never enter a home. If homeowners bring you water or cookies, then accept it, but place it in a bag to discard later. If you must eat or drink, only eat or drink what they eat or drink first.

Verse 9: Be a blessing no matter how you are treated. Ask and pray for God to meet needs.

Verse 10-12: When rejected, back off, walk away, and even run. 9-1-1 works if needed.

--Mark Snowden has trained dozens of volunteer mission teams, World Changers, and P2 Missions students to do survey work and evangelize. Snowden directs the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association.

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