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Looking Ahead

Going into my 7th year at CABA, I sure hope Jesus returns! But should He tarry, here are some things you'll want to get excited about as much as me!

1. CABA's Consultants begin rolling in mid-January. Everyone has been trained over the past six months and are ready to go. Pastors, thank you for participating in interviews! Pray for Aaron Swensen, Brent Wilson, and Mark Wilson as they begin helping "network solutions" and "develop a dynamic resource network."

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Good communication is a two-way street, so we are working with John Park to develop ways to get you engaged. We want to involve church leaders in lasting solutions.

3. Go and Tell! Ray Taw is helping any and all of us join in on international partnerships. Some churches are already planning on a trip to the IMB in January and then to South Asia in August. Where could God move you? I just met a South Asian at a convenience store. He had never heard about Jesus since he's been here. Go and tell and go again!

--Mark Snowden serves as director for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association

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