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Generational Disciple-making

How many of you do you want?

You are called to make disciples. As with Paul (1 Cor 11), you model for others a basis of what to do and achieve. You model how to be a new creation and ambassador. Sermons and classrooms are great for passing information and vision, but not multiplication of yourself as a disciple-maker.

So how many of you do you want?

Self-deprivation aside, you want others to become Christ-followers like you. How many can you spend time with, modeling for, raising up, and sending out? Jesus had thousands in a crowd, but he poured into twelve, not all ending in success. Yet here we are, millennia later, with so many “little Christs [anointed ones].”

So…how many?

Say you pour into twelve. Or even just three. Each week, discussing the Word together and equipping them with the tools and confidence to turn to three others to do the same that same week. Now your three is twelve. And not with hours of solo prep to dazzle or any material to reproduce, but with time spent together in simple, reproducible, biblical togetherness that they can pass on freely. That way, your three each pass on to their three, who will go and pass on to three more, each. The twelve become thirty nine. 2 Timothy 2:2 – four generations.

challenge it, or explore it together? Let’s talk!


Discipling for generational growth gets out of control. It’s messy and Spirit-dependent. Jesus lived in the world of messy. Yet that messy, movement-oriented release of personal control allows us to become more, obedient to the Spirit as we raise up disciples to be obedient to the Spirit while raising up other disciples likewise. Then we reach where we alone could not reach. Want to think through this, challenge it, or explore it together? Let’s talk!

Jason McKinney pastors One Church and serves as Church Planting Coach for CABA.

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