Here is a brief introduction to the members of our association team. Each one is serving for the glory of God, is committed to assisting churches, and is thankful for our partnership in the gospel.
Rev. Mark Snowden -- Director of Missional Leadership
(513) 344-0054 -
Twitter: @wmarksnowden  Facebook: msnowden
     Mark's ministry has been largely in Southern Baptist leadership roles having served with the IMB and NAMB and two state conventions; Ky. and Mo. He loves to travel and has visited 54 countries and 47 states, mainly as a trainer to missionaries and church leaders. He has co-authored two books and written two others, including Truth That Sticks with the late Avery T. Willis, Jr. He has been a LifeWay Sunday School writer and now enjoys writing small group curriculum for churches in 26 states and four countries. Mark and Mary Leigh, his wife, are from Kentucky and have one daughter and one granddaughter.
     The Director of Missional Leadership role is new. It helps healthy leaders lead healthy churches to get on board with God's mission through the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association. Developing healthy pastors means offering coaching, mentoring, and leadership development that  impacts them personally, spiritually, relationally, and  missionally. Developing healthy churches means assisting and equipping pastors in assessing and improving overall church health. Leading in missional engagement means helping pastors take the next step in missional engagement with their communities and suited to the strengths of the congregation and the local need.

Ken Dillard - Collegiate Ministries Director
Phone: (513) 742-9886 / (513) 281-6403
Cell: (513) 295-6785 -
     Ken and Mary Kay began their ministry with the university communities in January 1992. They have three children, Sarah and her husband Robert Mitchell, Nathan and his wife Christian and two sons, and Kelley. Although Texas was their home state, Ohio has become home to the Dillard’s. God has truly blessed as the family has grown and friendships have deepened. Ohio is a great place to follow the Father in ministry.
     The vision statement for Collegiate Ministry in Cincinnati is “Reaching the world for Christ, Developing one relationship at a time.” Worldwide evangelism begins on the doorstep of our colleges and universities. Collegians, by nature, are very relational. We live in a new day that is accompanied with an increased awareness of spiritual matters. One-on-one discipleship, small group Bible study, innovative worship, and hands-on mission experiences are the tools of Collegiate Ministry. Our churches are our greatest partners. Whether on campus or in church, together we will reach college students in Jesus’ name. For more information visit our collegiate website.
Patti Maschmeier - Administrative Assistant.  
Phone:  (513) 724-7182 or (513) 310-6166 (cell) -
     Patti is married to Greg Maschmeier and they have two grown sons who live in Nashville, Tennessee. Patti has been an Administrative Assistant for 38 years, mostly in the legal field.  Patti has been a member at Clough Pike Baptist Church for 26 years and has worked with youth, children's department and serves on the Community Team.  Patti feels serving in her current position is a blessing to be able to serve others in ministry and encouraging, supporting and assisting churches and church plants in the Cincinnati area.
     Patti is also the person that keeps the schedule for the Block Party Trailers, Loose Machines and Tents, so if you need to schedule a trailer for your event, please call Patti at either of the above numbers