Here is a brief introduction to the members of our association team. Each one is serving for the glory of God, is committed to assisting churches, and is thankful for our partnership in the gospel.
Rev. Mark Snowden -- Director of Missional Leadership
(513) 344-0054 -
Twitter: @wmarksnowden  Facebook: msnowden
     Mark's ministry has been largely in Southern Baptist leadership roles having served with the IMB and NAMB and two state conventions; Ky. and Mo. He has studied at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and holds a Masters from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va. He loves to travel and has visited 56 countries and 47 states, mainly as a trainer to missionaries and church leaders. He has co-authored two books and written two others, including Truth That Sticks with the late Avery T. Willis, Jr. He has been a LifeWay Sunday School writer and now enjoys writing small group curriculum using Bible Storying methods. Mark and Mary Leigh, his wife, are from Kentucky and have one daughter and one granddaughter.
     The Director of Missional Leadership role helps healthy leaders lead healthy churches to join God's mission through the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association. Developing healthy pastors means offering coaching and networks that  impact them personally, spiritually, relationally, and missionally. Developing healthy churches means assisting and equipping pastors in assessing and improving overall church health. Leading in missional engagement means helping pastors lead their churches to bring spiritual transformation to the communities they serve and beyond to the glory of God through disciple-making and church planting multiplication.
Charity Scaggs - Ministry/ Administrative Assistant
Phone:  (513) 724-7182 --
      Charity is excited to serve in her new role and is looking forward to supporting and being of assistance to others in ministry. Charity and her husband, Les, have 2 grown children and a granddaughter. Charity and Les serve together as the student ministry directors at Cornerstone Baptist Church, where she is also involved in many other areas of ministry. 



Diane Sibcy - Block Party Ministry Coordinator
Phone: (513) 687-4104 --
     Diane is CABA's Trailer Ministry Coordinator. She works out of her office at Impact Church, Lebanon. When you make your TRESS Reservation, you'll be working with her. Diane is married to Doug, the Impact Church pastor. Diane continues to improve an already tremendous ministry! Contact info: but begin the registration process for trailers, tents, and food machines at TRESS via
Brad Cunningham - Church Coach 
(513) 225-1026 --
     Brad serves as the Church Coach. As coach, he works with larger church pastors in order to take their ministry to the next level and also provide church facilities assessments and mystery guests to help you. He also trains pastors to be church coaches. We are fortunate to have a quality church coach on retainer, allowing a free service to CABA pastors. Brad also serves as senior pastor of Liberty Heights Baptist Church, Liberty Township.
Bill Hounshell - Church Coach
(513) 614-1929 --
     Bill's focus is on CABA’s smaller churches (<100). Bill had successful interims turning around Northview Hillsboro and FBC Newtown over the past two years. Bill also served 24 years pastoring New Hope Baptist, Loveland. We believe that Bill will relate and gain trust quickly. Bill has good problem-solving skills and wisdom to help CABA’s smaller churches and their pastors. Bill is contracted to work about 10 hours per week for CABA. He is now scheduling appointments for the Fall: or (513) 615-1929.
Jason McKinney - Church Planting Coach
(304) 710-0961 -- call or text
CHURCH PLANTING COACH: Jason McKinney is now available to all CABA churches to help every church participate in a church plant. Jason is from Dayton and has been planting One Church Cincinnati downtown through NAMB. Jason has the NAMB planting relationships and he has also become CABA’s leader for No Place Left training, an unfunded church planting approach. Jason is an excellent trainer and consultant. Jason will continue to pastor and work about 10 hours per week for CABA.
J. R. Bishop - Business Manager
(513) 724-7182
     J. R. supervises the accounting and financial matters of the association. He monitors budgeted spending and provides spending and contributions to CABA. J. R. works part-time in addition to managing the business of several area physicians. He is an active member of Clough Pike Baptist Church.