Posted on June 12, 2017 8:00 AM by David Frasure
It is an old saying, but it is still true.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  It is especially true in the work of the ministry.  How Sunday School classes receive their quests is critical to the success of the class in reaching new people.  Another critical factor in keeping the guests coming back is follow-up.  It is exciting to have a big week like Vacation Bible School and see the potential of a church full of children, but how well we follow-up with these kids and their families often determines if we will ever see them again. 
Here are five facts to consider:
1. Follow-up as a demonstration of biblical hospitality.  The Bible says, “Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another… given to hospitality” (Romans 12:10-13).  Good follow-up is simply a good, hospitable way of treating your guests.
2. Good follow-up with guests is a good ministry strategy.  There is no better prospect for your class than the one that visited last week.  She has already demonstrated a level of interest by attending.  If she can get connected and build friendships with others in the class, there is a good chance she’ll be back.  If she gets a call or visit from the teacher, it is even more impressive. 
3. The most successful follow-up happens outside the classroom.  We can invite our guests to class parties and ministry projects.  We can visit in their home to see if they have questions about the church or Sunday School.  We can send a thank you card.  We can call and find out if there are any special prayer needs and pray over the phone with the prospect.  We can invite them over for pizza and a movie.  All these things are living demonstrations to your guests that you care about them and really want them in your class.
4. The more people who are involved in follow-up, the better!  People are living and working with others every day, but often without making a single friend.  People in our culture long for the happy friendships they see on the sitcoms, yet find themselves lonely and isolated.  They want meaningful relationships with others outside their own homes.  The Sunday School class offers the perfect opportunity for such relationships.  The potential for these relationships grows as more of your class members are involved in the follow-up process.
5. Good follow-up is like most good ideas—sooner or later it boils down to someone doing the work.  No teacher can do all the follow-up that is needed, so have an assistant or enlist a class Evangelism Leader to help you with good follow-up.  Each class should keep a record of the guests who attend.  The Evangelism Leader keeps that information and assigns or makes contacts on a regular basis.
One teacher I heard of made a list of the class prospects that had visited over time and asked for four volunteers that would be willing to make phone calls and write letters.  The teacher divided the list by four, and assigned the names to the four volunteers.  Each volunteer contacted the people on his or her list that week.  Then the teacher switched the lists for the second week, and so on.  Every prospect was contacted four weeks in a row by four different people in the class.  It wasn’t long before the people on the prospect list became enrollees and regular attendees of the class.  The follow-up project took very little time, but it produced amazing results.
The Nike shoe company uses the slogan, “Just Do It.”  It is simple and to the point.  When it comes to contacting absentees and prospects, we, also, need to prioritize and just do it!
Dave Frasure is CABA's Disciple-making Catalyst and pastors FBC So. Lebanon, Oh. 
Posted on April 10, 2017 8:11 AM by Tom Pendergrass
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2017 Evangelism Catalyst CABA Report
Tom Pendergrass
It has been a joy to serve again this year in Evangelism, this time as the Evangelism Catalyst for CABA. It has been a year of transition in understanding the new role for each Catalyst and my role in particular. It has been an honor to serve alongside the men who serve as Catalyst Leaders and alongside Mark Snowden. His friendship, encouragement, exhortation, and passion are several reasons why we brought him on board. To hear and see his vision and missional heart has been an inspiration.
I have focused the last few months on our Evangelistic Strategy, leading out in County-by-County meetings. We met in eight different counties and were graciously hosted by pastors in CABA who did a remarkable job! We had 26 churches participate. We followed up that training with our Evangelism Roundtable hosted by Clough Pike. We had eleven churches participate in which Jack Helton, Mark, and I led sessions. We also viewed “The Case for Christ” movie excerpts. This evangelistic movie is out for a special showing in theaters on April 7.
I wanted to give a special shout out to Jack Helton, our State Evangelism director and to NAMB who provided our Three Circles Evangelism Kits for free. Jack’s leadership and passion for souls is a resource I highly encourage our pastors to use.
Disaster Relief has fallen under my umbrella and I so look forward to getting to sit down with all our leaders as we plan toward the future and expand our borders. CABA can take great thanks for the tremendous job out Mud-Out unit does every year, working alongside our NAMB partners. We will announce soon a couple of dates to meet and network together to see Disaster Relief expanded in CABA.
The Block Party Ministry is underway! A special thanks to Patti and all the she does to set this up. Registration is now online as the TRESS, the Trailer Reservation System at Please remember that this ministry is used virtually non-stop once the weather breaks and the sun begins to shine again in Ohio—160 times in 2016. Make every effort to leave the equipment better than when you receive it. We also stress that you need to be trained before you can use the trailer. These help meet insurance requirements.  Please check the CABA website for the next training you can attend. The team at Lakota Hills do an awesome job of hosting and training our church leaders.
One final thought that I would like to leave you with is what I stressed at all our Evangelism Training events, “NEVER DO MINISTRY ALONE!” We exist to make disciples and train up the next generation of CABA and Kingdom leaders.
See you at the Evangelism Expo April 29 that we’re hosting at Urbancrest!
Posted on June 1, 2016 11:02 AM by Mark Snowden
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Maj. James Howard was a fighter pilot in World War II. During one mission, he was separated from his squadron, but found the lead B-17 Flying Fortress bomber group. Each bomber had 30 men on board and there were ten planes in the air when he joined up; 300 souls were at stake. The Luftwaffe soon dove toward the bombers. Howard gunned his Mustang P-51B fighter’s engine and climbed straight toward them. After each engagement, he returned to escort the lead bomber. Howard downed six planes, damaged many others, and even chased off the enemy when he didn’t have any more bullets. He stayed with the lead bomber group until they were back safely where he could head to his own airbase. No bombers in that group were lost that day.
When confronted with lostness in your community, what do you do? Are you ready to engage people with the gospel? Do you back away or do you pray a quick prayer, trust the Holy Spirit to empower you as an Acts 1:8 witness, and warmly meet a new opportunity to share your faith in Christ? Are you living as an intentional witness?
My counsel to pastors is to lead from the front. What you do, your church members will see and copy. Kevin Harvey, author of Organic Evangelism, put it this way, “Lead it, live it.” Micah Fries, Lifeway’s Assoc. VP Research, said in my presence, “Don’t make friends SO that you can tell them about Jesus. Make friends AND tell them about Jesus.”
Get off the ground by recruiting a highly relational guy in your church to go with you as your wingman. Follow-up on every visitor in the past year. After three months, switch and you be his wingman. After another three months, suggest to this guy that he needs to get his own wingman and you get someone new. Enlist small group leaders to follow your lead and get their own wingman.
Major Howard left his airfield day after day on a mission. For his courage on January 11, 1944, Howard received the only Congressional Medal of Honor awarded to an airman in the European Theater. When you leave home each day, are you on the lookout for ways to meet those without Christ? Are you staying on mission day after day?
It’s a target-rich environment when you’re “flying” for the Lord.
(c) 2016 Mark Snowden
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