The 100 Most Important Members of Your Church
Posted on November 1, 2017 2:51 PM by Mark Snowden
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The Engage24 Workshop was conducted last month (October 2017) at Liberty Heights Baptist. One of the speakers was Ken Whitton who was mentored by the late Adrian Rogers at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis. Ken said, “The 100 most important members of your church are those who are not yet followers of Jesus.”

Intentional evangelism requires walking among new people – and the Cincinnati Area is full of them. Jesus said to Andrew and Simon, “I’ll make you fishers of men.” With one million people around here not claimed by any religious organization, the fishing is great!
Align with God to witness among those who you talk with, encounter in your routine, and give yourself permission to address. To really impact Cincinnati’s culture, we must begin to disciple our members to do different things, travel in different circles, and become intentional in their witness.
It's been said that a rut is a grave with the ends kicked out!
You hit the target where you aim—or at least get close. Ready-Aim-Fire is not a bad evangelism strategy. It beats Ready-Ready-Ready or even Fire-Aim-Ready!
I’m sure your church members are wearing you out whining about our societal ills and moral decay in our culture.
Yet, why do things rarely change in our churches? Why is it that church schedules don’t allow for stopping to do something to address spiritual transformation?
The new mission statement for CABA is a game-changers to go after lostness. We’re now budgeting, staffing, and providing help to pastors through networking, coaching, and church planting.
1.    Networks: Ten zones have been formed to help pastors have fellowship, encouragement, and support. Josh Carter is taking the lead.
2.    Coaching: Brad Cunningham, pastor, Liberty Heights, and Doug Sibcy, pastor, Impact, are taking the lead to provide coaching.
3.    Church Planting: I’m taking the lead to help churches multiply themselves through unfunded church planting using church members, bi-vocational pastors, and using multi-site methods.
Change for the sake of change is scary and dangerous. Bringing change that glorifies Jesus brings transformation to a pastor’s ministry and a church’s effectiveness. And let us never forget in the meantime, that it’s worth it because those 100 most important members of your church are still out there.
Mark Snowden is the Director of Missional Leadership (DOM) for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association (CABA).
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