Thank You for Serving
Posted on August 25, 2017 10:00 AM by David Frasure
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Mother Teresa was a nun, famous for her work with the impoverished people of Calcutta, India.  An American tourist in India stood by in awe one day as he watched Mother Teresa lovingly clean the infected wounds of a horribly disfigured leper.  He commented, “I wouldn’t do that for a million dollars!” Her response, “Neither would I, brother. Neither would I.”  Mother Teresa was motivated by love, not money.  Her desire was to serve God by serving people in need.
I realize that leading a Sunday School class is much different than caring for orphans or providing for a dying person, but each can be motivated by love.  I believe love is the reason we have such a wonderful Sunday School faculty of teachers and workers, and I want to thank each of you for serving and working so faithfully in the 2016-17 Sunday School year. 
We realize that the numbers do not tell the complete story.  There are those intangibles that are difficult to measure, but we can “feel” them.  For example, there is a wonderful positive spirit in many of our classes that seems to fuel the growth.  Even as we had to deal with using our rooms for a few special events and many purposes other than Sunday School, our people stayed positive.  Such a spirit pleases the Lord and it aids our mission to touch our world for Jesus.
When we do the work of the Lord, we know it means we are also engaged in a spiritual battle.  As our teachers and workers have stayed faithful in prayer it has brought positive results.  I know many have been in some spiritual conflicts this year.  Some have had to deal with some difficult family crises while others have had physical infirmities.  Satan has certainly not made it easy for any of us.  Yet again, you all have stayed committed to do the work.  God has blessed that kind of dedication.
As we look back, I cannot help but to look forward to the new year with great anticipation.  As we continue our efforts, I believe by this time next year we can see our people growing stronger in their love for the Lord and their love for one another.  As more people are under the influence of good Bible teaching, families become stronger, the church becomes stronger and people are saved.  May God bless you for your willingness to serve.
Dave Frasure is CABA's Disciple-making Catalyst and pastors FBC So. Lebanon
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