10 Things I Still Believe About Sunday School
Posted on June 28, 2017 7:00 AM by David Frasure
Categories: Disciple-making
1. I believe the potential for Sunday School ministry has never been greater than it is today.  The Sunday School organizes the entire church to be on mission with God in our community.  Our world is desperate for real, lasting relationships.  People are starving for truth!  Evangelism, member care and Bible teaching are all part of the Sunday School.  The potential is supernatural!
2. I believe in the desire and power of God to use ordinary Christians in extraordinary ways.  Sunday School allows the opportunity to serve the Lord in very significant ways without a degree or any formal training.  Sure, we need pastors, but the more people involved in ministry, the more exciting and effective we become as a church.
3. I believe in the multiplication effect of Sunday School classes.  If each adult class could double and divide into two classes in two years, our Sunday School would be ministering to twice as many people in 2019.  That also would mean double the baptisms and worship attendance!
4. I believe the Sunday School impacts every other ministry in the church because leaders are developed in the Sunday School class.  Every growing church needs leaders to serve in various ministries in a local church.  Sunday School equips people to be sound leaders of godly character.
5. I believe the future of our church will rise or fall on the effectiveness of our Sunday School.  When the Sunday School grows, the worship service grows and the same effect can be seen in each department.  When the Sunday School fails to grow, it leads to decline in worship as well as other vital areas of ministry.  Our future depends on the success of our Sunday School.
6. I believe the gospel is still the only hope for our world.  The Sunday School is all about getting the gospel to people who need to hear it and believe it.  When a Sunday School class embraces their mission, the kingdom of God becomes more populated.  United, we can reach more people.
7. I believe some of tomorrow’s greatest leaders are in our preschool, children, and youth classes right now.  Sunday School impacts future generations.  We are a church of many generations, focused on reaching and discipling the next generation.  Lives are shaped for God’s will and work each week by dedicated teachers who minister to future generations today. 
8. I believe the Sunday School is the best way to keep people involved in the things of God once they trust Christ as Savior.  When people are reached for Christ through door-to-door visitation, only about 2% are involved in church two years later.  About 20% of the people reached through big events and crusades are involved in church two years later.  When people come to Christ and are connected to a Sunday School class, over 80% are still involved two years later.

9. I believe the Sunday School is very fertile ground for growing and discipling Christians for Christ.  Learning and applying the Word of God can be done in many settings, but the Sunday School provides ways for people to actually get involved in the Great Commission.  Jesus taught by allowing His disciples to have hands-on experience reaching and ministering to people.  The same approach is the practice of good Sunday School ministry. 
10. I believe the greatest catalyst for the success of a Sunday School class is the teacher of that class.  No one has more influence on a class than the teacher.  No one will motivate outreach and spiritual growth in a class more than the teacher. 
Dave Frasure is CABA's Disciple-making Catalyst and pastors FBC S. Lebanon, Oh. 
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