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Posted on May 1, 2017 7:00 AM by Mark Snowden
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Here’s how Baptist associations like CABA receive money: CABA only receives direct funding. We receive no Cooperative Program funds. We recommend 3% undesignated giving by churches to the association. Giving to CABA's Ann Dunn/ Joanne Hopkins Offering each May is similar to gifts to Ray Roberts Offering (SCBO), Annie Armstrong (NAMB), and Lottie Moon (IMB). And the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association greatly appreciates every contribution from our churches!
Now is the associational giving season! Every CABA church is invited to conduct a Week of Prayer for Associational Missions. The Ann Dunn / Joanne Hopkins Offering is included in that emphasis. If you observe other state, national, and international missions, then this completes your “Jerusalem” giving above and beyond the tithe and allocations from CABA.
The Dunn/Hopkins offering this year has a goal of $4,900. Please help us raise money for (1) libraries for bivocational pastors, (2) 10 kits for Backyard Bible Clubs, and (3) a prayer guide for Cincinnati’s least reached people groups.
Please give your offering to your church who will forward it on to the CABA Office. Praise God for co-operating churches fulfilling the Great Commission!
The Dunn/Hopkins Associational Mission Offering goal this year is $4,900. It is seeking to raise special funds for a prayer guide for unreached peoples in Cincinnati, Backyard Bible Club kits, and libraries for bi-vocational pastors in the Cincinnati Area.
Give your money to your church so that they can receive a blessing as you give together. But sometimes individuals want to give directly to the association. That's okay, too. Send your check to:
P. O. Box 54885
Cincinnati, OH 45254
Praise God! And thank you!
Mark Snowden
Director of Missional Leadership
Cincnnati Area Baptist Association
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