Going in Obedience
Posted on September 12, 2022 9:56 AM by Josh Wright
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After we finish a rough Mud Out project, we circle up with the homeowner. Just before we pray I try to say a few words as the Blue Hat.
Here’s what I said to the team and Billy, the homeowner:
“I’ve been involved with this ministry since 2012. I’ve been to New York, Nebraska, Florida, and this is my second trip to Kentucky. I have cleaned up a lot of homes, and I know that some of them could not be saved. People have asked me, why are we doing this. Why are we working hard and getting dirty to clean a house that we all know will go under a bulldozer in a few weeks? I respond, it’s not about the house. They’ll back down and say, you’re right. It’s about the homeowner and helping people suffering by the flood. I say, it’s not about them either. We have a Lord who came down here, got dirty, and died to save us from ourselves. When you accept Christ as Lord, you are voluntarily putting yourself under His authority."
That means Obedience.
Josh Wright leads the Mudout Trailer Team (Disaster Relief) for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association. 
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