Transcendency in Leaders
Posted on July 12, 2022 8:00 AM by Cliff Myers
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I always enjoy writing articles that challenge and those which are a challenge to write. I was asked recently to write on transcendence in ministry. So, let me tackle “transcendence” from a counseling/coaching/ ministry perspective.
Transcendency is a noun implying an existence or experience beyond the normal. Synonyms are superiority, excellence, and matchlessness. I am already feeling inferior with respect to the request, but let me begin with the fact that I do not begin coaching Christians or Leaders with the question, “Where do you want to go with your life?” but rather by asking, “Where do you sense that God wants to take you?”
Our mind is the seat of intellectual activity. Living and leading with our minds allows us to make wise decisions. Now I sincerely believe God wants to take each of us to places of distinction, glory, honor, and ascendance. My goal as a Pastor/ Counselor/Coach is not to help people experience their dreams but to enable them to embrace God’s Will. Notice I did not mention Stardom or Superstardom as a place God may want to take us.
You see, giving people solutions is not as impactful as helping them discover God’s answer. As leaders must always refrain from taking God’s place in people’s lives. Now everyone falls into ruts, slips into ineffective routines, makes false assumptions, and according to God’s Word, commits sin. Everyone has blind spots. Everyone has room for improvement.
Back to transcendence. Living for Christ is sometimes challenging. Leadership is sometimes hard. How do we become transcendent? How do we soar? Quite frankly it is very simple. Have a deep passion for God and a holy discontent for anything that draws us from Him.
The framework for living a transcendent life and having a transcendent ministry is living by the Great Commandment… “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30). Jesus is essentially saying we should love God with all of ourselves, with everything in us, with all of who we are. Your heart is what most connects you to God and others. Your soul longs to know God.
Your Strength – That is where visionary leadership comes from. Let me challenge each one reading to be transcendent. Have great faith and optimism. Focus on the future. Work tirelessly for the sake of God’s Kingdom. Live in spiritual integrity. Be a great prayer warrior. Never tire of seeing someone come to Jesus. So, in Charity’s words, do everything “For HIS Glory” and you will be moving in the direction of transcendency.
Where do you sense that God wants to take you?
--Cliff Myers is a biblical counselor serving in the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association. 
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