Davids and Goliaths
Posted on July 1, 2022 8:00 AM by Mark Snowden
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In Malcolm Gladwell’s management book, David & Goliath, the villain was depicted as a tank and hero was like a jet. Goliath was slow-moving and weighted-down. David, according to Gladwell, was nimble and very, very accurate with a single stone.
When I look around the Cincinnati Area, I can see the David & Goliath story playing out:
The Goliaths:
1.     There are 1.8 million living here; the majority living in sin
2.     There are still one million who are unclaimed by any religious organization
The Davids:
1.     Our churches are resilient
2.     CABA churches have 10,000 in AM Worship
3.     Southern Baptists are only 17% of all evangelicals
4.     No mega-churches or giga-churches (<2,500 in attendance)
The Goliaths’ weaknesses
·        Inaccurate thinking about Jesus
·        Spiritually vulnerable
·        Stationary – not moving
The Davidic strengths
·        Mobility—go to them
·        Ability to hone strengths
·        Rely fully on God
Will you enter the spiritual battle today?
SBC % of Evangelicals per county
  8.7 Adams
28.2 Brown
27.7 Butler
24.7 Clermont
15.8 Clinton
  2.6 Fayette
10.2 Hamilton
  8.1 Highland
29.0 Warren
--Mark Snowden is the AMS for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association. 
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