Leadership for Times Like These
Posted on May 9, 2022 8:00 AM by Guest Speaker Writer
Categories: Leadership
Here are seven things to consider.
1. Focus on what matters the most. Guard the important things with all you’ve got. Let go of what doesn’t matter.
2. Empower others and celebrate individuality. Entire companies can shut down over the lack of just one bold. Use your spiritual gifts.
3. Build high levels of trust. Covid eroded trust. “Trust is given; mistrust is earned.”
4. Accept change as a natural part of life. The average church dies in 30 years. Avoid change when:
a. Obstacles—everyone complains b. Wears you out c. Discussing but not doing d. When structure won’t last e. Structure prevents creativity
5. Take care of yourself. Protect your soul. We need healthy rhythms.
6. Learn how to deal with pain. Help others, also. Learn to “let it go.” Grieve those you lost. Focus on the new.
7. Get better at Follow Our Leader. Jesus still calls, “Follow me.”
--Ron Edmondson was the keynote speaker for the Spring Meeting of CABA. He is a leadership author and Lifeway's podcaster for leadership. 
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