Were you discipled?
Posted on March 15, 2022 2:13 PM by Mark Snowden
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    When my daughter was baptized at the age of seven, a lady in our church turned to my wife and me and asked, “Now, how will you disciple her?” The thought never occurred to Mary Leigh and me. We were immersed in our church plant. Our daughter would attend Sunday School and church each week. We would have devotions, Bible reading, and pray together every day. We would also have spiritual discussions and sing Christian songs along the way. 
    At a Denominee leader meeting in Atlanta in January, we were presented with the quote that 70% to 80% of all pastors in the U.S. have never been discipled. 
    Intentional. In my daughter’s case the question had been one of intentionality. Sitting and getting information in a Bible study class week after week wasn’t the same thing as experiencing spiritual transformation. Having sermons wash over you may or may not be intentional discipleship. We tried to immerse our daughter in a home steeped in missionary lifestyle, but looking back there was nothing planned in what we did with her spiritual walk. 
    The idea that pastors could receive information in a one-way info dump and yet not be discipled is troubling. Is that why our churches can’t make disciples, but church attenders? I was in a youth group, attended seminary, and sure attended lots of church services. But was I discipled? Are you being discipled? Finally, the bigger question is, “Am I an intentional disciple-maker?” 
--Mark Snowden serves as director for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Assocation
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