Entrusting the Work
Posted on November 23, 2021 8:00 AM by Jason McKinney
Categories: Missions
Jesus modeled for His disciples what He expected of them. Then he sent them out in pairs to go reach the towns and villages (Mark 6, Matthew 10). Later he sent them out again, but it’s the 72 going out as pairs. All along, he was preparing them and entrusting them with the work of reaching and discipling others. It was messy, and Jesus knew that not everyone would prove faithful. Yet the God of all was entrusting the work to the unlikely group.
Our small groups can provide a wonderful time of community and accountability as they wrestle with the Word and life together. They can also be an incredible pathway to multiply. If our outreach is about invitation, we can have a good group of attendees. Yet imagine if our vision was for making disciples that felt confident to go and make disciples. As the church made disciples-making disciples, it may even recognize that the people in those small groups could own the vision and provide the basis for new churches.
--Jason McKinney pastors One Church in Cincinnati and serves as CABA's church planting coach.  
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