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Posted on November 1, 2021 8:00 AM by Mark Snowden
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Workers in the Harvest Available
You can’t live in the Cincinnati Area long without realizing we’re on a mission field. 
Imagine two people from your church going on a mission trip...for two years. Pretty cool, huh?! 
:: But what if they kept their membership and tithes in your church?
:: What if they slept in their own beds here in Cincinnati every night? 
:: What if their mission work was in the Cincinnati area? 
:: And what if they invested six hours every week?
CABA has prioritized places like Washington Court House and Delhi. Could you or leaders in your church be moved to take the gospel into a place or among a people that needs Jesus and disciple-making efforts?

Workers in the Harvest (WITH) is missionary training for church members. It is available in the Cincinnati Area to augment what we've been doing with No Place Left. It's not to be confused with Families on Mission, our church to church volunteer opportunities in 2022. Where WITH was used in Missouri, my wife and I were glad to host one of four small groups that started Freshwater Church. When I did WITH training in the Boothill of Missouri, we had 19 laypeople start a biker church and a Spanish-language church. In Kansas City, we had the first small groups of Somalis and the first convert among them. Churches were working among Saudis, Vietnamese, and many others. 

What’s the cost? It’s church planting on a shoestring. Sending churches get excited about doing prayer walks, evangelism blitzes, and prayer support. However, because the two sent on mission already have jobs, then they don’t receive a salary and don’t need to raise funds. This IS their church ministry. 
Think of a modern-day Paul and Silas straight out of Acts 16 going out to evangelize and start small groups. Paul and Silas paid their own way and the local church did not pay them. They met Timothy and Luke along the way. They didn’t pastor, but were used by the Lord to kick lose a Gospel movement!
CABA churches need volunteers who will go out boldly in faith. The methods Paul and Silas used were infinitely reproducible. They removed as many barriers as possible so that the Gospel could spread quickly. 

Could God move you? Pastors, could you ask two members of your church to be sent? NAMB has their pipeline for career planters. Workers in the Harvest is missionary training for church members. It takes a few hours of training on a Saturday and is ready upon request from me. It’s what I developed at NAMB, used in Missouri, and would love to help you use it out of your church to the glory of God.

So, where would you send missionaries into the Cincinnati Area?
Look around you. You might identify three people groups. My missiologist friend Van Sanders called it the North American Peoples Spectrum:
1.    People – Immigrant groups or refugees – some 30 teams are needed
2.    Place – multihousing, dorm rooms, and communities like Delhi and WCH.
3.    Passion – Interests like outdoorsmen, bikers, cowboys, truckers 
What needs do you see in an apartment complex or hear about on the news? Could God call you to work among them one people at a time?
-- Mark Snowden has been part of three church plants and trained hundreds of missionaries. He directs the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association. 
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