Stories Change Our Culture
Posted on August 3, 2021 8:00 AM by Jason McKinney
Categories: Evangelism, Missions
If you want to brighten Mark Snowden’s day, ask him about orality and methods. He’s passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable. The insight is worthwhile, as storying is becoming a lost ability of the church. Sadly, we’ve been moving away from sharing stories overall.
Perhaps you’ve heard the adage that vision is a leaky bucket? Well, story-telling is an incredible patch for leaks. Many in the church are apprehensive of sharing the gospel because they don’t have habits of talking about or through the gospel. Similarly, many don’t have rhythms of gospel sharing because we don’t foster a culture of celebrating such gospel sharing.
This point is where story-telling brings change for effect. If we cultivate sharing stories of God at work, especially in lives changed, we fuel a passion for participation in His work. Stories lead people to see the God of the Bible working today as He did then. Stories lead people to desire to experience such work. Stories move the heart and challenge the mind. And overcome inhibition. Stories of movement fuel movement. Let’s reclaim the art of storytelling.
Let’s foster a culture of sharing stories about God at work!
--Jason McKinney pastors One Church and is CABA's Church Planting Coach
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