Families on Mission -- Week of Prayer Planning
Posted on September 27, 2021 8:00 AM by Mark Snowden
Categories: Missions, Prayer
Quick! Pick one:
____ Could your church send out families on mission for a few days next summer?
____ Does your church need to have some help for a few days next summer?
Planning is underway for CABA churches to send while others receive. The Youth Evangelism Study Team learned that children and teens follow their parent’s example. Why not raise the bar with a mission trip?
CABA’s 2021 Week of Prayer has a goal of $10,000 to provide training materials and some evangelistic resources for parents, children, and teens to receive training and then link up with a church in need. Unlike some mission trips, families on mission are to sleep in their own beds!
CABA churches are challenged this year to raise $10,000 for the Ann Dunn/Joanne Hopkins Mission Offering. The contributions are to be designed to support mission trips to the Cincinnati Area.
CABA’s Week of Prayer resources are undated, but we recommend October 17-23, 2021.
So, would your family take a mission trip to the Cincinnati Area? What projects are needed in your church? Call Charity at CABA to register! (513) 724-8172 or email
Give generously this year to the Dunn/Hopkins Offering so that churches can send while others can receive to the glory of God!
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