Day 2: Ten More Ideas in Missions
Posted on September 20, 2021 8:00 AM by Mark Snowden
Categories: Missions
The 2nd Day of the Evangelical Missiological Society's Annual Conf was no less helpful and challenging, too! Here's another 10 ideas from my notes.
1.       "New Homiletics" is facilitating an experienced event. It's no longer just transmission of cognition.
2.       90% of Muslims & Hindus do not have a Christian friend.
3.       There are more followers of Jesus in the Rest than the West.
4.       Asian religions (Islam & Hinduism especially) integrate multiple levels of life; not just knowledge as in Christianity.
5.       Global percentage of Christianity in 1910 was 34%. In 2021, it was 32.3%.
6.       In 1990, 82% of Christianity was in the Global North. In 2020, 67% percent of Christianity is in the Global South (factoring in China.)
7.       The languages of Christianity globally is 16% Spanish, 10% English, 8% Portuguese, 5% Russian, and 3% Chinese.
8.       In America in the 1800s, Christians published a Slave Bible that was 1/3 of the Bible. It removed all references to freedom and included all verses related to slavery. It was produced for slaves to obey their masters.
9.       To Blacks, the most powerful Bible story connecting missions and theology is Jesus' story of the Good Samaritan. Many view it as the crux of African-American life. They relate deeply.
10.  The arts is the language of worship through expressions. Songs and oral proclamation, yes, but also learning games, thought-provoking riddles, relevant to topic meals, planned and spontaneous dance, casual and formal visual arts, chants, poems, wearing symbolic jewelry, expressive deaf songs, witty proverbs, and video (highly visual) Scripture readings. Merge the digital with the oral = digitoral.
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