Day 1 - Ten Ideas in Missions
Posted on September 17, 2021 8:00 AM by Mark Snowden
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Part 1 of 2: Ten Ideas in Missions
Heading into a 2-day annual meeting for the Evangelical Missiological Society. There are about 100 presenters and eight tracks. The conference is 11 am to 9:30 p.m. .via Zoom. I was honored to present "Orality in the West" in the Orality Track. Some tips and reactions from Day 1:
1.       Listening in dialogue allows the teacher to know the spiritual progress of those they're discipling.
2.       OT writers intended Scripture to be read. If you want a good "verbal" translation use the Voice Translation. Listen to Scripture more.
3.       Students get excited about Harry Potter and the Avengers because they don't know the story of the Bible. The Metanarrative puts Scripture in the bigger context. Students at Liberty U actually get ANGRY that they have never been taught the big picture of the Bible.
4.       Our relationships (including with God) shape our understanding of reality. The language and words we use are strong identity markers.
5.       We learn through our senses and emotions etch memories, including bad ones. Scripture is full of motion -- lift up your hands, if you have ears to hear, dance before the Lord, demonstrate your excitement, display scripture on doorposts, faith in action/behaviors/ministry, etc.
6.       Evangelical Whites in the U.S. see immigrants as (1) changing America, (2) 90% want more restrictive policies, and (3) support family separation at the borders. Most churches in the U.S. lack friendship and partnership with immigrants.
7.       When you give money for work among immigrants, you foster a "health & wealth" gospel. How can God's Story become part of an immigrant's story? When it becomes the community's story.
8.       To change culture, change their stories.
9.       The West says, "Seeing is believing." Israelis say, "Hearing is believing."
10.  Missions shouldn't just be a church strategy, but a lifestyle that shapes our lens through which our world is experienced.
-- Mark Snowden is the director of missional leadership for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association
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