Immigrants in Cincinnati need a church
Posted on June 10, 2021 8:00 AM by Oliver Hawkins
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        An observation I have made over the years is that God opens doors or provides opportunities and leaves it up to us as His followers to take advantage of those 
opportunities. Working with different ethnic groups to plant churches has reinforced that truth to me. 
     Ten years ago, the extent of ethnic church planting in Cincinnati was primarily Korean and some Hispanic churches planted. In recent years, the Lord has 
blessed with seven Bhutanese/Nepali Church plants, several planters from Ghana, one from Nigeria, one from Jordan and most recently the Lord has opened 
the floodgates with planters from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DROC).
     One planter from the DROC has already been approved to plant and has secured a building to meet in. He preaches in French but provides translation for those that need it. Two other planters from the DROC are in the early stages of partnering to become Southern Baptist Church planters. The Lord opens doors and blesses when we are willing to step through.
     Some ethnic groups we are praying to reach with new churches are Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Russian speaking as well as more Hispanic churches. 
     We desperately need to plant more Hispanic Churches which is our fastest growing ethnic group. 
     Pray with me that we will see more church planters both raised up locally and be brought to our area to plant churches. Thank you for your support of the 
Cooperative Program and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering which supports these church planters and their ministries.
--Oliver Hawkins serves as church planting catalyst, NAMB
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