Rejuvenating Your Church's Prayer Ministry
Posted on June 7, 2021 8:00 AM by Jamie Trascritti
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     Don’t you want to see a healthy culture of prayer in your church? It starts with small steps. 
     Here are two small steps you can take to enhance and rejuvenate your prayer ministry:
     1. Appoint a leader dedicated to prayer.
      You’re a busy pastor. Find someone in your church who is passionate about prayer to set up and execute different aspects of your prayer ministry. These aspects may be (1) a prayer chain, (2) a prayer meeting, or (3) a prayer time during your Sunday service. Equip that point person to lead in these areas—and then just participate! Treat it as you do with other ministries, let someone else take the reins. 
     2. Explore multiple methods of prayer. 
      You don’t want your prayer meetings to become stale. Changing the methods of prayer helps to freshen things up. Spend your time prayer walking around the neighborhoods surrounding your church. Or if you’re indoors, pray through Scripture. Model it for your people, then let them try. Another method is to set up prayer stations themed with different emphases, such as specific people groups, church plants, or other CABA churches. 
     Think creatively!
     These changes are small. But they can rejuvenate your prayer ministry! I am also available to meet and talk about how to build a culture of prayer in your 
church. Reach me at (513) 490-2197 or I’d love to help steer your church toward a spiritually healthy practice of prayer. 
     Let’s do this together!
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