CABA's Direction - Report to the Semi-Annual Mtg
Posted on April 12, 2021 8:00 AM by Mark Snowden
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[The following was reported at CABA's Semi-Annual Meeting, April 12, 2021, at New Hope Baptist Church, Lebanon.]
     The association’s churches donated enough in 2020 through the Dunn-Hopkins Offering to print 5,000 New Testaments. We passed the $10,000 goal in about three months! The “Hope Changes Everything” NTs were printed by LifeWay and by my count, there were almost 2,500 extras printed for us! There are 20 churches that seized the opportunity to participate in this “focused” New Testament give-away. Others are invited to join in! Jason McKinney and I recorded a 9:26 training clip at SonRise Church. We look forward to seeing how offering a NT along with an opportunity to lead people far from Jesus to study 10 Commands of Christ will work now through the summer. 
     Many CABA churches distributed boxes of food through the “Famers for Families. Special thanks goes to Travis Smalley and NAMB for making the connections. At CABA’s offices, we had 16 churches give away thousands of boxes of food for five straight Thursday nights in late September in all of October. Volunteers prayed and witnessed to those receiving the boxes loaded with meat, vegetables, and dairy products. 
     The Pastor’s Relief Assistance has ministered to four families this winter. The ALT has set aside $10,000 for CABA pastors. There is a cap of $750.00 per pastor. The effort extends through 2021. Requests go to me at 
     Monthly training events were carried out via Zoom to strengthen pastors and their churches. These are available on, CABA’s website or on CABA’s channel on YouTube: “Understanding Race in the Cincinnati Area” with Kirk Kirkland, “Coming Up for Air: Why Networks Work” with Steve Hopkins, and “Getting    Your Spiritual Act Together” with Scott Kennedy. Other recorded Zoom meetings are available and being planned. 
     The SCBO Future Team continues meeting every six weeks. As part of a pilot project, I was asked to compile case studies from 14 Ohio AMS’s, including CABA, into a reader called “Leveraging Network Strengths.” The reader is to help Ohio associations have buy-in with the Denominee process that is to continue development through 2022. 
     Several CABA churches are in transition. It is a joy to work with pastor search teams to understand their community, their church, and qualities they need in a pastor. 
1.    FBC Mason has transitioned to be a satellite campus of Liberty Heights.
2.    Clough Pike called Dr. James Kerr as pastor in January.
3.    FBC Mt. Healthy is seeking a bi-vocational pastor. Ken Dillard is their present admin.
4.    Harrison Avenue is seeking a full-time pastor.
5.    New Life is seeking a bivo pastor.
6.    FBC Edenton is seeking a full-time pastor. 
7.    Mt. Repose is seeking a full-time pastor. 
8.    Hannah Avenue is without a pastor. 
Join me in praying for these churches who are in transition. 
-- Mark Snowden serves as director of the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association. This event marked his fifth year in that role. 
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