Preparing for Mission Trips
Posted on April 27, 2021 8:00 AM by Mark Snowden
Categories: Missions
A lot of mission trips are being planned for the summer. Here are a few tips:
:: Do it at home to do it on mission. If you’re not going to do it here, you will struggle to do it there. 
:: Multiply by using reproducible methods. Think Bible Storying instead of curriculum. 
:: Draw an illustration with a marker or stick in the dirt rather than slick teaching pictures to be reproducible. 
:: Don’t give them stuff they can’t afford to replace or repair. 
:: Prepare at home first and not on the fly.  
:: Invite believers where you serve to join your church on mission projects back home. 
:: Don’t leave a new believer alone until discipling is established. Remember you can always use Zoom. 
:: Avoid evangelizing just to get a yes and walk away. Be a disciple-maker of disciple-makers. 
--Mark Snowden has led a number of mission trips overseas and in the U.S., most recently to Boston and So. Asia. He serves as AMS for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association. 
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