Churches Filling the Vacuum
Posted on April 6, 2021 8:00 AM by Kirk Kirkland
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From my conversations with members of Revive City Church who happen to be black, I’ve learned many are not referencing an organization when they speak of Black Lives Matter. They think about a movement, or rally cry, with a vision to see people of color experiencing equity when engaging our justice system.

In the fight for civil rights, black churches in the 1960’s were the equivalent of this modern movement for justice. But I believe that the Black Lives Matters organization, connected to some with neo-Marxist ideologies, exists because of a vacuum once filled by churches. If we do not disciple, the next generation in our churches in matters of racial reconciliation a secular society will.

My church and yours needs to claim a stake in the process by taking the high ground.
In an interview with Matt Lyons, a Southern Seminary graduate & pastor in Maryland, he gave some history on white and black separation. “Until the 1500s, most Europeans identified with their nations. However, with the advent of slavery, ‘whiteness’ was adopted to make slavery more tolerable.” 
Lyons went on to point out that when, say, and Irishman emigrated to America, he was presented with only two choices for racial identification– white or black. They naturally would choose white in exchange for their national/ethnic identity. “Today,” Lyons said, “the answer is to remove barriers.” 
Let’s not diminish the importance of anything, but as Christian brothers, get past barriers and do everything possible to win as many as possible to the Lord Jesus. 
--Kirk Kirkland pastors Revive City Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
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