Posted on March 9, 2021 8:00 AM by Mark Snowden
Categories: Leadership
There was a Baptist Press article last month that reported 200 pastors every month are resigning from their churches, likely never to return. (Here is the article.) Is that on your mind? The article says the stress over wearing masks -- or not to -- has been at the heart of this round. Sound familiar?

CABA is still blessed to have biblical counselors ready to talk with you or one of your staff members. Just send me an email or text requesting help and I'll connect you. You pay nothing and CABA pays the counselor. Dr. Scott Kennedy and David Sherwood are our two go-to guys. Scott will meet with you via Zoom and David can meet you via Zoom or in a neutral spot such as a public library. 

By the mercies of God, there is quality help available to you. All of this is confidential.  
Contact Mark at or (513) 344-0054.
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