Posted on November 30, 2020 8:00 AM by Jason McKinney
Categories: Disciple-making
If we get discipleship right, we get church planting right.

I like to use a series of diagnostic questions to learn about the state of a church:
  1. “How do you identify new areas in need of the gospel?”
  2. “How do you share the gospel reproducibly in the context of that area?”
  3. “How do you equip new believers to obey Christ and become disciple-makers?”
There are a couple others, but that third question is often a sticking point. Too often, we struggle to express (let alone implement) how we can disciple in such a way as to have healthy disciple-makers.

I can’t identify a command in scripture that says “Go and make churches.” Certainly you get what follows, however: it’s clear that we are to make disciples. Teaching them to obey Jesus’ commands. Entrust such teaching to them that they may teach others also. This generational discipleship has a natural result: new pockets of new believers begin forming. New churches arise, just as we see through-out Acts. Further, existing churches become healthier.

It begins with healthy disciple-making. That’s not a program we can buy and implement. Discipleship is a lifestyle and a priority shift. When we get it right, we’ll see movement.
--Jason McKinney serves as CABA's Church Planting Coaching. He also pastors One Church, Cincinnati. 
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