Posted on August 3, 2020 7:00 AM by Jason McKinney
Categories: Disciple-making
   Ask a planter what he needs, and he’ll probably first tell you “Support,” but then likely “Leaders.” Who of us wouldn’t want additional leaders? We need men, women and even kids who can engage the communities around us with the gospel and truly make disciples, the kind of disciples that can make disciples.
   This September (2020), our association will begin a discipleship residency, which will be a practicum for disciple-making. The primary goal will be to become healthy disciples who make new disciples who make new disciples. We’ll seek to reinforce our identity as a new creation (followers) and develop competency in our identity as ambassadors (fishers) in order to better strive to fulfill the Great Commission (make disciples and teach them) to the ends of the earth. Practice, loving accountability and partnership
will be key.
   This residency is designed for “co-vocational” laborers who have a hunger for more outside the walls of the church. The residency is open to men, women, single and married couples. Whole families are encouraged to participate in the residency as much as they are able. Our time will be a practicum of practitioners, building a coalition of peers to labor in Cincinnati and beyond.
   Contact Jason here.
=Jason McKinney pastors One Church and is serving as CABA's Church Planting Coach.
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