Prayer Changes Peoples' Lives
Posted on July 28, 2020 7:00 AM by Ken Slaughter
Categories: Prayer
   I asked members of my church to share how prayer has changed their lives. Anita wrote: “In 1994 my husband, Jim, in four days went from having a sinus infection to being paralyzed from the neck down! Hewas struck with (GBS ) Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This kills 5% and most recover to spend life in a wheelchair. I prayed for God to heal Jim. He was able after a month to start moving again. And he can now walk and work. He does have constant pain, but he has God to walk with him through the pain. Throughout his recovery he had such great faith, that he would accept whatever God had planned for him.”
   I’m thankful for Jim and Anita. Both of them are amazing leaders at Mt. Repose. And as such, they are  answers to my prayers. Pastors, I encourage you to pray that God will empower you to raise up and equip leaders for your church. God has answered that prayer for me many times over the years. So I continue to pray for leadership development in our church, in CABA, the SCBO, and the SBC.
   On a more personal note, my Dad has always been a good man, but for most of his life has been far from God. Soon after I came to Christ, I began praying for my Dad to come to Christ. A few years ago, God answered that prayer! It took about 35 years, but God answered that prayer. Now we are together in Christ. Thank you, Lord!
-- Ken Slaughter serves as pastor, Mt. Repose Church, and is CABA's Prayer Encourager
Comment By: JIM fRYER
Posted on September 7, 2020 9:54 AM
I had a good friend's wife, also good friends of my family, who is also a Missionary's wife in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. About a year ago she, too, came down with GBS. With Prayer by all the churches in Africa plus scores of supporting churches, LG overcame this horrible condition. We praise God for His response to the prayers of his people.