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Posted on July 14, 2020 7:00 AM by Mark Snowden
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When I was at the Kentucky Baptist Convention, our evangelism director entered my office. He wanted to apologize. He told me that he had criticized me for installing a great big satellite dish next to the Baptist building, when his budget couldn’t afford ballpoint pens. Then he said, “That satellite dish isn’t for you, is it? You’re downloading training tools for our whole staff.” I smiled and agreed that it was to help everyone.  
CABA has entered into a way of helping everyone. We have been invited into a coaching relationship with Denominee as part of the Future Team of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio. Denominee was developed by Will Mancini and the North American Mission Board for coaching state conventions and associations. Over the next two to three years, the strategy-development process is to focus firmly on helping each church go to their next level. This requires a customized coaching approach for each pastor as they lead their church.
By my count, there have been 16 CABA pastors who have engaged in CABA’s coaching process since January 2018 and 275 church members trained in disciple-making through No Place Left in the past two years. The Denominee process should help not just CABA, but all pastors. Some pastors will want to lead their church to have a robust missionary focus. Others will want members to be engaged in community transformation through disciple-making. Others will want to shake off the status quo to be constantly innovating in ministry. What is your church’s next hurdle? Pastors can help their churches go to the next level up as the Lord leads.
CABA still prioritizes addressing lostness. For some pastors, it’s as simple as whispering “over here” and they’re off and running. For others, CABA’s coaching and networking function as a silent partner with pastors who want to lead or be equipped in specific areas. Many pastors can name one thing that they can pass along to equip other pastors and church leaders. Look for five ways that your association can help equip by:
   (a) convening learning events
   (b) collaborating with other pastors on similar needs
   (c) intentionally diffusing innovations
   (d) welcoming church coaching
   (e) conveying break-thru learning perhaps through triads and direct mentoring.
The Denominee Process is similar to the satellite dish at the KBC. CABA wants to equip your church with unique tools that help you go next level up to the glory of God.
-- Mark Snowden serves as the Director of Missional Leadership, Cincinnati Area Baptist Association
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