Preparing to Go B.O.
Posted on May 11, 2020 8:00 AM by Mark Snowden
Categories: Direction
Are you preparing yourself to bring change B.O. — Beyond Opening? Let me start by highly recommending the first few chapters of Joshua and 1 Samuel. Joshua and David brought lasting change as they were God's men doing God's purposes with God's resources in God's timing.
There are also some very helpful business books to recommend to you. I’ve just finished three years on the executive council of the SBCAL - Southern Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders. Back in 2017 we all agreed to read five of the six books in the photo that's attached. I added Seth Godin’s 2002 book.
Out of our study, we changed the name of the associational leader to Associational Missions Strategist (AMS), developed  an ideal job description, identified 17 AMS proficiencies, and wrote a book that is to come out next month. It was a joy to write one of the chapters. For CABA pastors, you'll be delighted to know that my JD is very similar to what was recommended for the AMS role. From our Spirit-led process, I can recommend each of these business books to the pastors that don’t want to go B.O. and sink back into the status quo, but effectively bring missional change to the glory of God.
Start with Why - Simon Sinek
Leading Change - John P. Kotter
The Advantage - Patrick Lencioni
Managing Transitions - William & Susan Bridges
Deep Change - Robert E. Quinn
Survival is Not Enough - Seth Godin
-- Mark Snowden is the AMS for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association
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