Leading Through Change
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(Hayden Shaw, based on his book Generational IQ)
Note:  his model that describes the various categories of change reactions is a good one.  Will need to get it out of the book.
     o    Ex.  Preservation (more security), progressive (up for any change), light-eaters (no change is any good)

•    Ask: “I wonder what they would prefer that is different from what we do” vs. “what’s wrong with them.”
•    Music runs deep into the brain.  Don’t underestimate the impact of the change here.
•    It’s not the change, it is the wave that follows.
     o    My change needs may be different than yours (per the model).
     o    Problem:  when the leader has no sympathy for those who find a change emotionally taxing.
     o    You must shepherd them through the change, not just preach at them.  Listen, listen, listen.
     o    Find ways to honor the past.
•    Your options:  find a safe place for them to go or kick them out (sacrifice them for the greater “good”)
     o    For those who are feeling left out or disenfranchised, they need to know they are safe.
•    Some see change as the enemy – it can be a gift.
•    Celebrate the change long afterwards, and keep listening.
•    Churches run on vision, businesses run on profit/cash.  It is easy to deflate the dreams at church.
•    Need to accelerate shepherding vs. preaching them through the change.
•    Can’t solve all emotional responses, but you can burp them like a baby (i.e., hold, soothe, listen, etc.)
Notes from Allen Suit attend breakout at Midwest Leadership Summit 2020. Allen chairs CABA's ALT and is a member of Mt. Carmel Baptist in Kenwood.
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