Leading Your Church
Posted on February 10, 2020 8:00 AM by Chris Workman
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Midwest Leadership Summit Notes provided by Chris Workman, pastor, Harrison Ave. Baptist Church, Harrison, Oh.
Leading Your Church
Dr. Doug Munton
FBC O’Fallon, IL
Midwest Leadership Summit 2020
Springfield, IL
“What you do will come from who you are.”-Munton

What A Ministry Leader Needs to Be
1.    A growing follower of Jesus.
2.    A committed servant to others.
3.    A lover of God and people.
4.    A determined pursuer of God’s will.
5.    A godly example to others.
6.    A person of deep faith in God’s power.
7.    A faithful communicator of truth.
8.    An overcomer of past mistakes and failures. (We are broken healers)
9.    An encourager of ministry partners.
10.    A passionate “go-getter”
11.    A learning student of effective ministry.
12.    A person able to overcome discouragement.
What A Ministry Leader Needs to Do
1.    Vocalize the vision.
2.    Lead healthy change.
3.    Model the expectations.
4.    Make difficult decisions.
5.    Enlist and de-enlist.
6.    Connect with staff, volunteers and guests.
7.    Prioritize the priorities.
8.    Calm the turbulent and stir up the complacent.
9.    Define the win.
10.    Organize for effectiveness.
11.    Go after people for God’s glory.
12.    Communicate effectively.

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