Praying for a 2020 Vision
Posted on February 12, 2020 8:00 AM by Ken Slaughter
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Will you adopt this New Year’s Resolution?

“Fully Embrace Prayer as a Way of Life.”

Southern Baptists desperately need to grow in prayer. We have a reputation for Bible literacy and mission work, but not so much for prayer. Let’s change that!

This year, will you commit to prayer? Pray regularly and with discipline. Pray alone… Pray Scripture back to God… Pray with your family, a small group, a mid-sized group, with your whole church… and commit to at least one prayer event that will include multiple churches.

As spiritually alive persons, we are created for this. It is essential to our being. We need to pray and others will benefit when we do. God desires that we become praying people and our churches become houses of prayer.

Prayer becomes indispensable to every true disciple of Jesus because: Through prayer we come to know our specific place and assignment in God’s Kingdom. The one who doesn’t pray can’t really be “on mission” because they’re out of communication with HQ. They’re spiritually AWOL!
Furthermore, prayer and Scripture are antidotes to the deceptions of the enemy.

God’s perfect design includes specific plans for our lives and our churches. Prayer helps us “see” and “know” what those are. I’m praying that in 2020, CABA churches will become houses of prayer filled with praying people gaining 20/20 spiritual vision.
--Ken Slaughter is CABA's Prayer Encourager and pastors Mt. Repose Church, Milfor, Oh.
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