Who's In?
Posted on November 5, 2019 7:00 AM by Mark Snowden
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NCAA Football fans are asking “Who’s In?” They know the Championship Game is coming.
When you scan the Cincinnati Area’s harvest fields, you have to ask, “Who’s in?” Dozens of unchallenged, untapped, and unused missionaries are in our CABA churches. They must be because I know the Father’s will is to reconcile a lost world to Himself. And missionaries go beyond their comfort zone to begin disciple-making. They cross barriers such as distance, culture, and language. Think no further than the Apostle Paul’s example in Acts 13-14!
Here are the characteristics pastors have found helpful evaluating potential missionaries in their midst:
•    take on new initiatives
•    have their own ideas of what they want to do
•    influence people easily and gain a following
•    don't fit the mold, color outside the lines
•    genuine hunger for a deeper relationship with God
•    show impressive spiritual insight
•    noticeable areas of character immaturity
•    broad in their horizons and think beyond "our" church
•    thrive on doing things that are challenging and risky
•    claim loyalty to "our" church yet seem critical and impatient
•    tend to become overextended in their commitments
•    see real potential in them, but we are unsure how far we can trust them
George Miley put this list together after mobilizing missionaries 15 years with Operation Mobilization. This list in his book Loving the Church, Blessing the Nations (Biblica Books 2003).
So, “who’s in” your church? Encourage potential missionaries to connect with Jason McKinney or me. Let Jason coach them. If they haven't been through No Place Left, that's a great place to start. Jason is CABA’s Lead NPL Trainer now. Text Jason (304) 710-0961.
Other options:
NAMB missionary: Travis Smalley or Oliver Hawkins
IMB missionary: Barbara Smith or
--Mark Snowden serves as CABA's director of missional leadership
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