How do you know if you're going deep?
Posted on May 31, 2019 7:00 AM by Mark Snowden
Categories: Disciple-making
To know where a person is on their journey, just ask!
Use appropriate discussion questions that help those in the small group you lead.
And listen! They could surface some serious issues. Don’t be afraid to raise issues that can lead to meaningful discussion that “goes deep.”
DOCTRINE: Through inductive Bible studies that I lead, I use a specific Bible story that conveys the doctrinal truth. I ask specific questions about a belief (salvation by grace) or a practice (baptism). It often helps to revisit the truth later to reinforce it.
BELIEFS: Include a time at the beginning of a teaching session when you ask for reports. What happens when they witness or tell Bible stories to others including agnostics, atheists, and the combative? Be sensitive to those who had tough questions asked of them. Ask the group how they would have responded. Ask the person who was facing doubts how they would have answered if asked that question next time. Coach them by offering to go with them to meet their friend who may or may not have gotten an answer, but is still expecting one.
SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION: Change is tough for anyone. Reaching a point of vulnerability is important for every witness or class member to share freely about their feelings and even failures at being Christ-like. Being genuine counts.
Life has so many distractions. Do you seize them as kingdom opportunities. I recently saw a poster that said, "Keep Calm and Disciple On." How true in today's situations. And, by making disciples, we continue to live out our relationship with Jesus in obedience and love.
--Mark Snowden serves as the director of missional leadership for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association.
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