Church Coaching Testimonial
Posted on May 29, 2019 7:00 AM by Brad Cunningham
Categories: Leadership
Ron “Bink” Garbutt was kind to provide this testimonial.

“The facility assessment that was provided for [Georgetown Baptist] church has been a tremendous resource for our church as we seek to become more effective for the Kingdom.

Brad gave us a very detailed and thoughtful report that outlined many things that we, as regular church attendees, may have never thought needed to be changed. This assessment was a catalyst for discussion that was long overdue for a church that has a desire to reach people with the gos-pel. I am very thankful that CABA and Brad Cunning-ham are offering this to the churches in our association. I would highly recommend that church leader-ship participate in this valuable program.”

I’m still taking requests for Facilities Assessments. Just email me at
--Brad Cunningham serves as CABA's Church Coach and is the senior pastor at Liberty Heights Church, Liberty Township.
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