Tips on Evangelism Next Month
Posted on October 16, 2018 10:00 AM by Josh Carter
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Here are six tips to be more evangelistic this next month:
1) Pick a Tool. I like to use “The 3 Circles.” You may not love evangelism tools or you may like another evangelism tool and that is fine. I just know when I go to share Christ, it is always better to go prepared than unprepared. 
2) Pick a Time. As a pastor or church leader, a thousand different things can come up during your week. You must, and I stress that, carve out time to be evangelistic. If you do not, you will not. 
3) Pick a Place. Determine where you will go in your community to share the gospel. You will rarely share the Gospel in your office, so pick a place where the community gathers and then go to them.
4) Bring Someone Along. I am always more evangelistic when I know someone is with me than when I’m by myself. Maybe it’s just the pastor in me, but I intentionally bring someone to show how it’s done. I tend to do a little better, too.
5) Share with Your Church. If you want to build evangelistic zeal in your church, start giving personal accounts of how you have been evangelizing. You will probably find the fresh new accounts to be more relatable and encouraging to the church than the story of how you led someone to Christ 20 years ago.
6) Consider Some Help. If you would like some help on growing in evangelistic zeal personally or as a church, reach out to me because CABA has some great pastors and resources that you can pull from to help you and your church impact the lostness around you. In fact, it’s the reason CABA exists! Contact me at
Josh Carter serves as CABA's Evangelism Catalyst and pastors Clough Pike Baptist in Cincinnati.
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