Running for Daylight
Posted on November 1, 2018 10:00 AM by Mark Snowden
Categories: Leadership
Running backs in football have an amazing knack for finding a hole in the line just wide enough to sprint through. And once they pop through, they begin  running for daylight. CABA has an amazing team and many pastors have begun running for daylight. Over the past year, our association has been led of the Lord to address lostness by making strategic shifts in budget, leadership, and equipping for our pastors.
:: Networking is underway in five of our regional zones. Pastors are gathering for fellowship and also topical discussions that shape their ministries.
:: Coaching is underway for more than 20 CABA churches. Some are working on bringing deep change. Others are hosting Mystery Guests or doing Facility Assessments. Scheduling for 2019 is underway.
:: Disaster Relief callouts have done evangelistic mudouts in the Carolinas and Florida.
:: In the first nine months, we set a record for Block Party Trailer reservations with 107 events that were used to initiate 500 Gospel conversations. ? Church planting has 24 CABA pastors supporting 28 church plants across the association.
:: We’ve trained at least 80 church members to initiate Gospel conversations and start new small groups that
could become churches. No Place Left has its fourth training scheduled Nov. 2-3 and three more in the works for 2019. :: Partnership mission Vision Trips to Boston’s church planters have resulted in at least  five partnerships.
Praise God that CABA pastors are running for daylight to the glory of God!
Mark Snowden is the Director for Missional Leadership for the Cincinnati Area Baptist Association
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