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"The Association" is a partnership of churches for the purpose of assisting one another to fulfill the Great Commission.



  • Biblical Authority:  Partnering churches have a shared belief in the Bible as being totally true and trustworthy without any mixture of error.
  • A Shared Confession of Faith:  Partnering churches accept the Baptist Faith and Message as our confession of faith and practice.
  • Local Church Authority:  Partnering churches respect the ability of each local church to govern themselves under the Lordship of Christ.
  • Strategic Partnerships:  Partnering churches place great value on cooperating together to start and strengthen like-minded congregations to advance the Kingdom of Christ.
  • Local Church Diversity:  Partnering churches appreciate and respect the various worship styles, traditions and ethnic diversity of each congregation.



Missions - Church Planting - Prayer

Evangelism - Disaster Relief - Seminary Extension

Collegiate Ministry - Youth Ministry

Bible Teaching & Leadership - Women's Ministry